Robbers Targeting Elderly Pedestrians


Robbery and manslaughter cases inflicted on elderly pedestrians in their 60s and 70s are becoming more prevalent recently in Los Angeles Koreatown. The Los Angeles Police Department recently warned senior citizens about walking on the streets on their own.

One of the suspects is a man in his 40s who has been wanted by the LAPD since May 24. He slaughtered a rabbi on Formosa Avenue between La Brea Avenue and Oxford Avenue on May 22 at around 8:30 a.m.

The footage of the man beating the victim was released directly by ABC7 after a witness submitted the video. In the video, the suspect simply walked up to the rabbi and began swinging his fist. Even when the victim fell to the ground, he continued to strike him. When a nearby pedestrian came closer, the man fled.

The LAPD is currently categorizing the case as a manslaughter. Some are asking if it could be a hate crime on the member of the Jewish community. The suspect is reportedly 6-feet, 150-pounds. Anyone with knowledge of the case is encouraged to call the LAPD at 213-922-8260.

Since then, the Koreatown Olympic Community Police Station issued a warning as the case marked a second time an elderly pedestrian was attacked in just 15 days. The other case involved an elderly, 68-year-old Korean woman whose belongings were stolen by the robber.

The suspect, believed to be a Hispanic male, allegedly pushed the elderly woman to the ground on the street and fled with her belongings. In a separate case, two African-American men believed to be in their 30s used a pepper spray on a 72-year-old Korean woman to steal her belongings.

Back in February, a 27-year-old woman slaughtered a Korean woman in her 80s on Western Avenue. The victim was pushed to the ground and was beaten until she began bleeding.

By Hyoungjae Kim