Ready-to-Serve Rice Products are Given Variety


ㅇㅇIn the past, microwavable instant rice products were limited to a small variety, dominated by steamed white rice. However, with increased demand for various kinds of instant rice products, you can now find different kinds of ready-to-serve rice products available in Koreatown markets.

Kinds of microwavable rice products include brown rice, Bibimbap, Kimchi fried rice, quinoa rice, and shrimp fried rice.

Healthier options are available too. Ssen Cook brand offers four variety (Sprouted brown rice, Mixed grain, Barley rice, and Black rice), which are made without food additive.

If you are looking for more flavor, there are rice products with marinated vegetable (Namul), Bibimbap, Kimchi fried rice, as well as Bulgogi rice. You can enjoy delectable Korean rice dishes prepared quickly and easily with microwave.

Microwavable instant rice products are available for $1.50-$4.99 in various Korean markets in K-town.

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Translated by Heewon Kim