Pinterest Is Launching a New Service That Will Help You Shop Easier



Pinterest is updating the visual search tool that will help its users shop easier and faster. This new visual search tool to be launched this year lets users take pictures of the products from their smartphones to find similar products from Pinterest’s database.

When you point your camera at the product of which you want the information using the visual search tool, Pinterest will suggest a list of objects that look similar to what is shown in the picture. Then it goes one step further and link you to websites where you can purchase the suggested products.

In 2014, Pinterest acquired Visual Graph, an image recognition and visual search startup. Incorporating the image recognition function of Visual Graph and the huge database of its own, Pinterest has come up with the new visual search tool.

“We hear people say all I time, ‘I found this on Pinterest but I don’t know where to buy it,’” said Michael Yamartino, Pinterest’s head of commerce. “Image detection and camera visual search will help with that.”

Pinterest recently started to integrate its service with shopping experience through Buyable Pin service. Buyable Pin allows business holders use Pinterest as marketing platforms.


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Translated by Heewon Kim