Pianist Cho Seong-jin’s Carnegie Hall Performance Gets Sold Out


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Pianist Cho Seong-jin (photo)’s New York Carnegie Hall performance is completely sold out.

According to the Carnegie Hall’s official website, on 21st, Cho Seong-jin’s performance was marked ‘limited availability’.

And as of today, among all the performances that will be held at Carnegie Hall this week, Cho Seong-jin’s performance is the only one that is completely ‘sold-out’.

Since he won the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition Warsaw back in October, 2015, Cho has been enjoying tremendous popularity from all over the world.

His first solo performance that was held in Korea in January was sold-out within 10 minutes after the ticket sale started.

Meanwhile, Cho said last year, “It has been my dream to have my solo performance at Carnegie Hall since when I was a child. I have thought that even a smaller hall, not the main hall, would be so great, but I was invited to the main hall this year and I was very surprised. ”
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Translated by Audrey Joung