[New Product] Grapefruit Flavor Makgeolli, Baekseju “iCing Grapefruit”



Icing Grapefruit [Image in courtesy of Baekseju USA]
iCing Grapefruit [Image in courtesy of Baekseju USA]


Baekseju USA has launched a new product ‘iCing Grapefruit’.

The new bottle of ‘iCing Grapefruit’ is upgraded from the original can of ‘Icing’ which is constantly popular among millennial.

One of the characteristics of Icing Grapefruit is its ‘Super Cooling’ technique which is a rapid cooling method that creates a crisp yet soft taste. The product is a traditional Korean rice wine with a 4% of alcohol content.

“We are looking to launch another new flavor, iCing Green grape, after the iCing grapefruit,” said Seung Won Choi, the sales director of Baekseju USA.


Original article by Korea Daily USA
Translated by Narae Lee