Korean Organizations Host Events Without Parking Plans


Critics are pointing to some L.A.-based Korean-American community organizations for holding large events without plans to ensure enough parking spaces.

Attendees of those events said that many Korean-American organizations prefer to hold events at hotels or office buildings, but that street cleaning days have not been taken into consideration ahead of the actual event. Some are
as do not even have parking structures nearby.

“I’m sure this wasn’t done purposely,” said A, who attends a Korean-American organization’s event regularly. “This organization is hosting events on the very day nearby areas are on street cleaning days. I’m almost reluctant to attend now as it seems like they simply aren’t considerate. Some Korean-American organizations hold large events with more than 100 guests on street cleaning days. This sometimes drives me angry.”

Those who attend the events said that they prefer locations where self-parking or discounted parking is available.

By Woosoo Lee