[Korean Cuisine – Vegetarian Style] ‘Pajeon’ – Green Onion Pancake


201601151021Pajeon (파전) is short description. It is literally the combination of the two words “pa” (green onions) and “jun”(pancake).

Pajeon is my all time favorite on a rainy day; the ecstatic feeling of biting into the fresh vegetarian pancake when it came sizzling off the pan makes it appropriate for a chilly rainy weather – like that of last week in Los Angeles -.  It is relatively simple to make, and the cook time is rather short, making it my go-to snack.

How do you make Pajaeon?
Although there are variations of the recipe, you mix the core ingredients of green onion, flour, eggs with the option of throwing in pepper, water, and seasoning. Mix well, and cook the batter over a non-stick pan over the stove for a couple minutes before

What do you eat Pajaeon with?
You could pair pajaeon with a savory dipping sauce to add an extra flavor to your main dish. Pajeon is also a popular snack served with alcoholic beverages.

By Hajin Lily Yi