[Korean Cuisine – Vegetarian Edition] Introduction


Korean Cuisine Vegetarian EditionAs an avid foodie, a health-conscious vegetarian, and a proud Korean American, I am writing about a combination of two topics that are often under-addressed: Korean food and vegetarianism.

Some may find this to be a strange combination, since “all you can eat Korean BBQ” might have left a strong impression that “Korean food = ribs, pork chops, bulgogi.” In reality, Korean cuisine is diverse, encompassing stemming from long history, and encompassing rich flavor and flexible variations.

I have been pescatarian – meaning I eat fish on necessary social occasions, but mainly stick to a vegetarian diet when I am cooking for myself – because of health-related, environmental, and ethical reasons since 2012.

Through [Korean Cuisine – Vegetarian Style] series, I hope to introduce you to various vegetarian options. I am planning to post a vegetarian jook guide, a vegetarian guide to Korean street food, and an introduciton to fresh sprout bibimbap.

Stay tuned for healthy recommendations, cooking tips, and more!

By Hajin Lily Yi