Korean Artists Lighting up YouTube


Last year, a Swedish gamer apparently made $15 million from his YouTube channel. YouTube has long been an influential tool for the young generation of content creators.

YouTube has also been a powerful platform for Korean content creators. The Korea Daily introduces nine most popular Korean YouTubers.

Arden Cho

Arden Cho, who has more than 511,014 subscribers on her YouTube channel is an actress, singer and model. She is most popular for being on MTV drama Teen Wolf. Cho often posts videos of her singing or simply her daily life.

Seoul-born Ki Hong Lee moved to L.A. from South Korea with his parents at a young age. He is known for being on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. He creates and uploads sitcom-like video series centering on life as an Asian man on his YouTube channel.

Kihong Lee

David So has over 1.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is mostly known for his comedy work. Recently So starred in Korean-American film GOOK, which centers on the 1992 L.A. riots.

Mike Song is the co-leader of the popular dance group Kinjaz. He currently boasts more than 250,000 subscribers on his channel. Song expresses his stories through dancing. His goal is to create a culture shock with revolutionary contents.

Jen Chae has been a designer and blogger since 2008. Her videos are mostly about makeup and beauty. She recently became a mother. Her videos are now more geared towards encouraging her followers to pursue happiness.

Sonia and Janice Lee are twin sisters based in Australia. They currently have more than 2.1 million subscribers who follow their music. Dumbfoundead’s real name is Jonathan Park. Born in Argentina, he is now an L.A.-based hip hop artist. He is also known for collaborating with South Korean artists.

DANakaDAN is a Korean adoptee rapper. He often raps about drug addiction, living in the U.S. as an adoptee and identity struggles. His reality-based film about his visit to South Korea to find his birth family was notably popular. Yuri Tag is a designer and dancer. Dancing is a form of expression for Yuri Tag, who recently married through a traditional Korean wedding.

The videos of the aforementioned artists can be viewed on YouTube by searching their names.


By Sangho Hwang