Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer

  1. You should trim the end of the stems before putting the flowers in the vase. This is because it takes a long time for water to reach the petals if the stems are too long. It is best to trim while the flowers are in water to prevent air getting air
    in the stems and disturbing moisturization.
  2. You should cut the leaves that will touch water in the vase. If the leaves are soaked in water, they can easily deteriorate and cause bacteria growth in water.
  3. You should change the water in the vase often to prevent bacterial infection in the water.
  4. Try pouring some sprite or 7-up in the vase. The acid in the beverage will keep the crystal-vase-525547_960_720flowers fresh.
  5. Try putting in a couple of pennies at the bottom of the vase. The copper pennies act like acidifiers which prevents the growth of bacteria, and enhance your flowers’ longevity.
  6. Try putting the ends of the flower stems in boiling water for about 30 seconds.
  7. You should put a couple drops of vinegar in the vase. This will create an acidic environment and extend the life of the flowers.
  8. Keep the flowers away from fruit because the ethylene gas given off by the fruits will shorten the life of the flowers.


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Edited by Sooahn Ko