Illegal Injections and Plastic Surgery Surge In LA K-Town


Many Koreans are getting exposed to illegal injections and surgeries.

Recently, illegal beauty surgical procedures such as illegal thread lifting, fake botox, unqualified laser treatments, or unqualified acupuncture treatments are secretly on the surge.

Certain skincare businesses offer laser treatments despite lacking any kind of qualification. Crackdown on these illegal procedures is difficult especially because these surgical procedures happen in a normal house rather than a special center.

According to a cosmetic surgery center in Los Angeles, more than 10 people come to the center every month due to side effects of illegal surgeries. There are at least 20 Korean cosmetic surgery centers near LA, which means that hundreds of patients visit the centers every month due to these side effects. Most suffer from side effects such as facial paralysis, headache, and skin problems.

Kenneth Kim, a cosmetic surgery specialist, stated “It is necessary to consider the skin texture or cells during a surgery. It is very dangerous to insert any substance to your skin or body. Anyone can perform a simple medical procedure but only a specialist will be able to solve any problems arising from the medical procedure – which is why illegal surgeries are dangerous.”

Botox, filler injections, and laser treatments are clearly all medical procedures. Thus these treatments can be done only by qualified specialists. A cosmetic surgery center staff warned that, “A specialist would confirm the patient’s medical history, medications, or allergies in order to minimize possible side effects, but illegal centers never do.”

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By Jang Yeoul

Translated by Ellen Kim