I.O.I Bids Goodbye with the Final Track Written by Seventeen’s Wooji


Images from the music video for "Downpour" [In courtesy of YMC Entertainment]
Images from the music video for “Downpour” [In courtesy of YMC Entertainment]
Project girl group I.O.I is singing the finale as a group. On January 18, the group released the final single, “Downpour.”

Different from previous title songs like “Very Very Very” and “Pick Me,” the newly released track is a ballad song that highlights each member’s vocal. Regardless of the K-pop trend dominated by dance genre, I.O.I’s new release managed to take the top of the music charts including Melon, Genie, Bugs, and Naver Music.

“Downpour” is a meaningful song both to the group and fans alike. As the song marks the end of I.O.I’s group activity, lyrics of the song seem to reflect the members’ thoughts about their current situation.

When the rain pours down I will get soaked even through my heart. Stay with me. I’m too young and afraid to get rained on without you. I know the rain will stop but I keep looking for you,” sings I.O.I.

The lyrics, written by Seventeen’s member Wooji, metaphorically illustrates how I.O.I members feel current situation, facing imminent departure from the group.

However, the eleven girls assure their fans that they will keep on walking and promise the reunification at some point in the future: “Memories of happy moments as I’ve met you. I won’t lose them in the rain. When the rain stops, then let’s meet again. We will be smiling again together there.”

Watch the music video for I.O.I’s final song, “Downpour” below.


By Heewon Kim