How to Make the Best Instant Noodles



First created in 1950s, instant noodle is worldwide popular instant food, selling over 90 billion packages a year.

In Korea, 350 million packages of instant noodles are consumed each year, which is the largest amount in the whole world. If you want just right degree of spiciness in your ramen, Korean products like popular Shin Ramen will be just to your liking.

Although instant noodles are made to be cooked in an instance, following few directions can bring the taste your noodle to a whole new level. Here are some tips to make the best instant ramen.

1. Right amount of water

Those who know how to cook their ramen say that using right amount of water is the most important thing when cooking it. Most of Korean instant ramen products in the market suggest using 550 ml of water, which is approximately 2 1/4 cups.

It is also best to use the right size of saucepan, big enough to cook just one package of ramen. If the pan is too big, the broth will evaporate too fast and if it is too small, the noodles won’t be soaked in the broth completely.

2. Add the seasoning before the water starts to boil

Adding seasoning packets to cold water makes the broth taste richer. If you want to add extra vegetables like onion or bean sprouts, add them with the seasoning.

3. Do NOT stir

Contrary to popular direction that tells you to stir the noodles occasionally when the broth is boiling, experts advise not to do so. Because of the temperature difference between boiling broth and outer air, too much stirring can make noodles soggy.

4. Use high heat

Cooking your instant noodle at high heat will prevent soggy noodles. Use the highest heat on your stove from the beginning to end.


Original article by Lee Eun-sun
Translated by Heewon Kim