How to Keep your Closet Neat and Tidy


From a sock lost its pair to decades-old dresses, most people keep their closets as conserving as possible, allowing newbies to enter, but never letting them leave. Whether your closet is full of memories or not, you have to realize that those old clothes are nothing but junks. Starting from that, here are tips to keep your place tidy tidy.

1. Throw away
The most important yet the hardest step to take when you aspire to be organized is to throw away. People are anxious that they may need stuffs they throw away. However, if you did not use something for several years, you have to admit that you won’t ever use it. Set certain period of time and if you did not use the item for that long, throw it away. If throwing away really breaks your heart, find someone or organization to donate clothes, baby toys, etc.. Organization starts from there.

2. Find their places
Once you have thrown those “junks” away, you will start to see spaces to organize your stuffs. Don’t just hide everything in your closet, but try to designate each item’s place under a set category.

3. Do not mess up
Especially when you find organizing hard, try not to mess up once you tighten up your place. Remember each item’s place and put it back to its place when you’re done using it. If you have a trouble memorizing their places, drawing a “closet map” or taking pictures of organized place can help. Make it your habit to continuously organize your space to avoid investing more time to get organized.

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Translated by Heewon Kim