“Grow Vegetables and Heal Your Mind”


The Be On The Farm project is actively pursuing its mission of working for the betterment of the society by building a farm in the city.

The project, a subsidiary of Happy Village, is gaining traction after completing its first farm that is located on Western Avenue and Washington Boulevard in Los Angeles Koreatown.

Where did the idea to build a farm in the city come from?

“People in the city often suffer from the scarcity of fresh food,” said Be On The Farm director Young Park. “The farm in the city enables them to grow their own crops as well as consuming it themselves or selling it for profit.”

The concept of a farm in the city has gained national attention in recent years. There are currently about 1,800 city farms nationwide. They have generated over $140 million. In California, the passage of AB-551 was the catalyst that triggered the movement to start building the city farm in the state.

In a city with a population of more than 250,000, lending a land from five to 10 years for it to be used as farm now grants landowners with tax exemptions.

Be On The Farm explains that the contribution to society that the city farm makes is simply huge. The farm also plays a big role in driving interaction among neighbors and raising their awareness on local economy.

“The homeless shelter that is hosting our first farm is operated by Yo-han Kim, a priest,” Park said. “They’re learning to grow their own crops while also healing their minds.”

Be On The Farm is looking for additional spaces to build farms around the city. Schools and public institutions looking to implement a facility with educational effect will be prioritized. Anyone can also fund Be On The Farm’s project on gofundme.com.

▶Inquiry: beonthefarm@gmail.com


By Byung Chang