Grocery Stores Across Koreatown are Having the Biggest Rice Sales

Zion Market
Zion Market

Grocery stores in Koreatown are selling rice for sale prices. With the imminent release of new crops in autumn, year-old crops are sold for the prices as low as $6.99 per 20 pounds.

Of course, new crops give the freshest taste, but as long as stored right and cooked properly using electronic rice cookers, old crops taste similar to the fresher ones.

Since most products from brands are on sale, chances are that you can choose preferred products.

Galleria Market is selling Haitai Dae-poong Rice and CJ Ban Ban Mee for $9.99 (15 lbs), and Shirakiku for $6.99 (20 lbs), while Zion Market is selling Shirakiku and Haitai Green Rice for $7.99 (20 lbs), and CJ Het Sweet Rice and Het Brown Sweet Rice for $9.99 (15 lbs). Hanam Chain and H Mart, too, are selling rice for reduced prices.

New crops will be released between later this month and mid-October. If old crops are not sold out by then, prices are expected to be lowered even more.


Original article written by Jae-hee Lee
Translated by Heewon Kim