Flower Teas Over Flowers – Flower Teas with Health Benefits


Best way to enjoy the blossoms may not be with eyes. If you drink them as teas, you can enjoy not only the taste of spring, but also the health benefits. Introducing flower teas for your health.

Chrysanthemum Flower Tea
Chrysanthemum Flower Tea

1. Kobushi Magnolia
Kobushi magnolia, or Magnolia kobus, is a species of Magnolia native to Japan. You can drink the flower of it as a tea by drying the flower as a whole. When you pour hot water over thoroughly dried blossoms, you can see it blooming in your cup. Kobushi magnolia tea can treat symptoms of sore throat, sinus infection, and toothache.

2. Plum Blossom
As much as plum itself, blossoms of it help digestion. Brew three or four dried petals of plum blossoms to drink after meals. Sweet and sour scent of the tea is mouthwatering, making it easy to enjoy regardless of age.

3. Forsythia
Diuretic quality of forsythia works positively for the patients of diabetes. You can simply dry the petals, but to make it taste better, you can make a syrup. Wash the petals thoroughly and remove the water completely. Place clean petals in a glass jar then fill with honey or sugar. You may open the jar after 15 days to drink.

4. Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum tea may help improve your vision. Full of vitamins, chrysanthemum tea also prevents a cold.
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Translated and edited by Heewon Kim