“Drug Factory” Gang Including Three Koreans Arrested


A group of men who created a factory to manufacture illegal drugs has recently been arrested. Three of them are reportedly Koreans.

The police investigation began when a car was stolen from a Lexus dealership about a week ago. Longo Lexus reported that its LX 460 had been stolen. The vehicle was later found parked on a street in Hacienda Heights in front of a residential home.

That is when El Monte police requested to inspect the house on July 31 at around 1 p.m., but the tenants apparently refused their entrance. Policemen were extremely suspicious and soon were issued a warrant to search the home.

They later found a substantial amount of cannabis oil inside the home, proverbially known as the “honey oil,” which is popular for its long lasting effect in comparison to the regular cannabis.

Police also found substances inside the home that are used to manufactured cannabis oil. The materials found in the house are reportedly worth around $1.8 million. The arrested men had rented the large home to manufacture and sell the cannabis oil.

Special investigations division was called to inspect the home as some substances there were deemed hazardous.

The five men were immediately arrested. David Byung Kim, 38, Michael Myungun Choi, 31, and Andrew Euiyong Kim, 26, were the Korean men. The bail for five men is rated at $75,000 per head. They have apparently been bailed out since the arrest.

By Wonhee Cho