Choi Jin-hyuk Talks How He Feels about Taking the Only Lead Role in Upcoming Drama ‘Tunnel’

In courtesy of OCN

New Korean drama series Tunnel has shared a scene from the drama previous to its premiere.

Set to air its premiere on March 25, Tunnel is a crime drama about police detective Park Gwang-ho who travels in time from 1986 to present on the process of chasing a criminal. Choi Jin-hyuk, who was featured in popular dramas like The Heirs and I Need Romance, is taking the lead role.

Park Gwang-ho, the role Choi Jin-hyuk is to display, is a police detective with 10 years of experience. After he travels to 2017, he encounters another serial murder case and endeavors to catch the murderer.

“Right at the moment I read the synopsis, I was so captivated by this character Park Gwang-ho that I kept thinking how to act him out,” said Choi Jin-hyuk, who is returning to the drama scene in three years. “I feel burdened about taking the only lead for the first time in my acting career, but I will do my best to act the role so that the drama can be recalled as one of the masterpieces even after years.”

“The actor is perfect for the role in every aspect, including his voice and acting style,” said the production company.

Tunnel is a crime drama that follows a serial murder case which is continued over 30 years. Traveled in time from 1980s, passionate police detective Park Gwang-ho teams up with elite police detective Kim Sun-jae (Yoon Hyun-min) and criminal psychologist Shin Jae-yi (Lee You-young). Tunnel premieres on March 25 at 10 PM KST.


Original article by Kang Seo-jung
Translated by Heewon Kim