Car Thieves Running Rampant at Koreatown Apartments


A parking structure of a large L.A. Koreatown apartment is suffering with car thieves, according to local police.

Olympic Community Police Station announced recently that 36 cases of car thefts have been reported. Many of the cases have been reported from tenants of a large apartment, the police station added.

“The apartment garage requires a separate key to get in,” said a tenant at an apartment on South Ardmore Avenue after losing his car on May 10. “So I left the key inside my car, but it was stolen. The police officers suspected that it was stolen by someone who entered the parking structure while it was open.”

The LAPD advises drivers to ▶lock every door of the car and keep the key at all times ▶park in spaces being recorded by surveillance cameras ▶call the management or police immediately once a suspicious looking stranger is spotted inside the parking structure ▶ try to avoid parking in spaces that attracts little foot traffic.

Meanwhile, Olympic Community Police Station added that car thefts occur more frequently on Thursdays and Fridays.

By Hyoungjae Kim