Animal Cafes in Korea Go More Peculiar than Dogs and Cats


For those who love animals but can’t own one as a pet, animal themed cafes are like heaven on earth. In Korea, you can find dog cafes and cat cafes without much difficulty. At these cafes, you can enjoy not only a cup of coffee but also interact with these lovely four-legged pals.

As dog cafes and cat cafes are growing popular, some Koreans started to invite other animals to such spaces as well. Below are some of the places where you can enjoy coffees and teas surrounded by exotic animal friends.


Cafe The Galapagos – Tortoises and Sugar Gliders

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At Galapagos Coffee located in Hongdae area in Seoul, you can meet two giant tortoises and four tiny sugar gliders. Although you won’t be able to find sugar gliders flying in the coffee shop, you can feed them fruits while having a mini heart attack caused by their cuteness.

Koopet – Reptiles

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If your pals are the non-hairy kind, Koopet will be your kind of place. The reptile pet store Koopet uses a corner of the store to serve coffee, inviting people to interact with reptiles.

Blind Alley – Raccoons

Known as a “raccoon cafe,” Blind Alley is known both for its desserts and two raccoons dwelling in the shop. You have to pay an extra charge to enter the “raccoon room” where you can play with them, but it will worth the money.

Thanks Nature Cafe – Sheep

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Thanks Nature is one of the first animal-themed cafes in Korea. At this place hidden under the ground level, you can find two sheep, Lulu and Lala.

Crown House – Parrots

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Crown House features some of the most colorful parrots. Some are trained for handling, which allows you to interact with them more closely and, of course, to take a selfie with them.


By Heewon Kim