Add These Ingredients to Perfect Your Omelet


Egg is widely known as one of the most nutritive foods. However, you can make your egg dishes even better if you add some more ingredients. Here are three food pairing suggestions to perfect your egg dishes.


Tomatoes and eggs make the best food pairing. While vitamin C and fibers lacking in eggs are supplemented by those in tomatoes, protein lacking in tomatoes is supplemented by that in eggs. You can also maximize the absorptance of tomato’s Lycopene when you cook with heat, so throw a handful of tomato dices when making your omelet!

Ample Acetylcholine in both shrimps and eggs prevents aging; lacking the neurotransmitter, Acetylcholine, accelerates aging and increases the possibility of dementia.

Not only does cheese make your egg dishes taste more delicious, but it also supplement the lacking amount of calcium in eggs.

Start your day off right with egg dishes that have perfect nutrition as well as taste.


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Translated by Heewon Kim