A Retired Korean Doctor Saves Passenger on a Plane


A retired Korean doctor saved a white woman in her 30s who fainted in a flight cabin.

The retired doctor is known to be Hyung-ryeong Yoo (76), a physiatrist who lives in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. Yoo immediately started first aid measures when the white woman suddenly fainted on a JetBlue flight from New Mexico Albuquerque International Sunport to New York JFK airport, on April 28.

According to Yoo, the woman had no detectable blood pressure and almost no pulse at all. Yoo first asked a flight attendant for a respirator then checked on the woman’s condition. The woman started to regain consciousness after 30~40 minutes of oxygen supply. Yoo made the woman drink some orange juice and took care of her until the plane arrived at New York.

Gwang-eui Choi, a passenger on the flight with Yoo, mentioned, “Other passengers clapped for Yoo and the flight attendants also thanked him.” But Yoo stated, “It was something that anyone could have done. It’s a relief that she was able to regain her consciousness and get off the plane on her own. I’m very glad.”

Yoo had been a physiatrist for about 40 years since 1971 before his retirement. He was on his way back home after a Navajo Indian mission trip in New Mexico.

Original article by Sujin Choi

Translated by Ellen Kim