[PLAYLIST] 5 Sentimental Korean Hip-Hop Songs Worth Listening to


Although it’s been a minor genre until less than a decade age, hip-hop in Korea is now a genre widely loved, even influencing the K-pop as well. If you’re into Korean hip-hop genre, you may have noticed the subgenre called “Sentimental Hip-hop.”

Unlike what it sounds like, sentimental hip-hop (감성힙합) is not the title that refers to a group of emotionally sad hip-hop songs. Instead, most of the rap songs with relaxed beats are categorized under the title.

Different from some of the traditional, rough rap songs, the “sentimental” ones are easier to listen to, making a good place if you want to explore Korean hip-hop.

Here is a short list of recommendation. Give it a try and see if it’s your kind of genre!


1. Eluphant – MOTM (Feat. Suda, Huckleberry P, RHYME-A-)

Eluphant is a Korean hip-hop duo consists of rappers Keebee and Minos. Two rappers are known to be the pioneers of the sentimental hip-hop!


2. Heize – And July (Feat. DEAN, DJ Friz)

Heize is now a well-known female rapper and musician, thanks to the rap competition show, Unpretty Rapstar 2.


3. Giriboy – Hogu (호구) (Feat. BrotherSu)

Giriboy, too, made an appearance in the rap competition show, Show Me the Money 3. Even though he didn’t win the competition, his songs surely have good vibes.


4. Paloalto – Good Times (feat. Babylon)

Paloalto is an established rapper who founded record label Hi-Lite Records in 2010. Although sentimental hip-hop is not what he is well known for, he did a great job on this song with Babylon.


5. Crucial Star – Paris

Korean rapper, singer songwriter, and producer, Crucial Star, is beloved for his music style that smoothly blends R&B and hip-hop.


By Heewon Kim