5 Must-Try Asian Bakery Outposts in Los Angeles


Asian bakeries have a unique appeal with qualities that distinguish them from American or European bakeries. To name one, there is no definite differentiation between pastries and bread; most of the items found at Asian bakeries can be categorized somewhere between the two, and you can enjoy them as a meal or after the meal whichever way you want.

Lucky for us, some of the large franchise bakeries in Asia have expanded and are now available throughout cities in California. Take a look at the list below, and have fun exploring the world of Asian bakeries!


1. Paris Baguette

Origin: Korea
Location: Multiple, including three stores in Koreatown
Recommendation: Pure Cream Cake, Red Bean and Cream Bun, and Sausage Pastry


2. 85 °C Bakery

Origin: Taiwan
Location: Multiple, including two in DTLA and one opening soon in Koreatown
Recommendation: Sea Salt Coffee and Mocha Bread


3. Sunmerry Bakery

Origin: Taiwan
Location: Multiple, including Temple City location
Recommendation: Rainbow Roll Cake


4. JJ2 Bakery

Origin: Taiwan
Location: Koreatown
Recommendation: Strawberry Mochi

JJ2 Bakery Facebook


5. Duke Bakery

Origin: Singapore
Location: Glendale, Arcadia
Recommendation: Chocolate Cheese Bread, Chocolate Bun, and Strawberry Milk Bread

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By Heewon Kim