[PLAYLIST] 5 Korean Indie Songs That Will Heal Your Broken Heart


Autumn makes the best season to listen to breakup songs. Cold wind makes you suddenly realize that there is no one to share the warmth, while the jolly holiday spirit is still months away.

But it’s not too bad to bring our sad emotions out and get moody from time to time. Instead of keeping all cheerful, how about we dive into the inner gloom?

Here is a short list of Korean indie songs. These breakup songs with beautiful lyrics will empathize with your feelings.


1. Urban Zakapa – I Don’t Love You 

Not all breakup brings emotional turmoil. Urban Zakapa’s “I Don’t Love You” illustrates the lukewarm breakup after love’s faded away

“I don’t love you. You’d probably know as well. Seeing you crying does not move my heart.”


2. Acoustic Collabo – I Miss You So Much

Acoustic Collabo’s “I Miss You So Much” is a sound track for Korean drama series, Discovery of Romance. It’s a great drama that talks about how romantic relationship develops and fades.

“When I miss you so much that I can’t help, I wander all day looking for you. Then I stand still on the street where we used to walk together.”


3. Epitone Project – Dawning

Since its debut in 2006, Epitone Project has released a number of songs that incorporate beautiful lyrics and touching vocal. “Dawning” is one of the most popular numbers.

“Tears of our time together become you. And ask me how I was doing.”


4. Broccoli You Too – 1/10

Korean indie band, Broccoli You Too is loved for its cute band name and easy-on-the-ear soft rock melodies. Other recommendations include “Common Song (보편적인 노래)” and “Don’t call for an encore (앵콜 요청 금지).”

“Would you remember one out of ten days we spent together? I will remember the days we suffered. If there is any remaining word you want to hear, I will give back every word you said to me.”


5. Yu Soliy – Hey You, Don’t Do That

This recently debuted artist is behind the veil. There aren’t so much information revealed about her except for eight songs and cover videos of Zion. T’s songs. But beautiful songs speak for themselves.

“If you don’t know how to give love, you shouldn’t have made me love you.”


By Heewon Kim