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Young shoppers flock to secondhand markets for vintage and ‘grandpacore’ styles

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As the cost of clothing has risen due to persistent inflation, thrift stores and flea markets are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the “grandpacore look” and “vintage-inspired look” in vogue.

Some of the most popular places to shop are “Apparel Zoo,” “Los Feliz Flea,” and “Detoure,” which sell vintage-style and influencer-inspired clothes.

Apparel Zoo carries vintage-looking T-shirts, hoodies, pants, and toys, making it so popular that there are lines to get into the store. At the entrance, customers are given a large plastic bag to fill with clothes. Many of the items are street style fashion from brands like Bape and Anti Social Social Club. Apparel Zoo said that many famous designers and rappers come to the store seeking discontinued brands.

Customers look at vintage-style clothes at Los Feliz Flea. [Image captured from Los Feliz Flea Instagram]

The prices are also reasonable. Accessories and hats are $5 to $10, T-shirts are $10 to $15, and jeans are $25. The store features promotional events such as buy one get one 50% off, free gifts, and free T-shirts for first-time customers. The current offer is a free T-shirt for first-time customers. The store is only open from Friday to Sunday.

Located near Echo Park and open only on weekends, Los Feliz Flea is a flea market that offers uniquely designed paintings, vintage-style accessories, utensils, toys, vinyl records, and other hard-to-find items at affordable prices.

With a wide variety of sellers on the grounds, visitors find something for every taste, from hipster to feminine to hippie.

Customers can also interact directly with the sellers and negotiate prices. As a place for a weekend outing, it has free parking, no admission fee, dogs allowed, and food and drinks available. If you’re lucky, you’ll find designer clothes and shoes from Chanel, Prada, and Coach at a cheaper price.

At Detoure, you can find stylish and colorful branded clothes, shoes, and bags worn by social media influencers such as those on TikTok and Instagram. It also had a collaboration with the famous clothing brand Shop Cider to hold a sample sale. Customers can get discounted sample products that were used in the showroom or for photo shoots. Prices start at $15, and clothes are up to 50% off the regular price. Detoure is open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Buffalo Exchange is another thrift store with three locations in Los Angeles. Leather jackets, designer bags, and dresses are priced at about $20.

The store also buys used clothes directly from consumers. If you bring in clothes you don’t wear but are in good condition, they’ll set a price and exchange them for store credit or cash.

The secondhand apparel market grew from about $23 billion in 2018 to $43 billion in 2023, according to a report from online thrift store ThredUp. That’s an 11% increase from the previous year. This is seven times faster than the growth rate of the overall apparel market. The total value of resale goods in 2023 was $20 billion, up from $17 billion last year.

Most used clothing cannot be exchanged or refunded, so it’s important to check for stains and damage before buying. It’s also recommended that you compare the resale price to the original retail price to avoid getting ripped off. Also, when buying luxury items second-hand, it’s a good idea to ask for a warranty to ensure authenticity.

BY HAEUN CHUNG, HOONSIK WOO [chung.haeun@koreadaily.com]