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Writer of ‘Signal’ to Comeback with a Zombie Drama

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Screenwriter Kim Eun-hee is readying to comeback with zombies. Having proved her ability in genre drama through popular dramas like Nine and Signal, Kim Eun-hee is collaborating with Kim Sung-hoon, director of Hard Day and Tunnel.

Thanks to the success of 2016 zombie apocalypse horror thriller, Train to Busan, the expectation for Korean interpretation of zombie genre is higher than ever. At this moment the collaboration of the two masters is thrilling enough to make people anticipate the outcome.

In addition, Kim Eun-hee is trying something new by inviting zombies to Joseon Dynasty. The unprecedented fusion of the two gives another reason to watch the upcoming drama.

Director Kim Sung-hoon also is a veteran in the field. Especially through 2016 film Tunnel, he has proved his ability in meticulous directing, establishing himself as a trustworthy director.

If the piece airs through a streaming platform as planned, it has a fair possibility to open the new route of Korean Wave.

Further details about the zombie apocalypse period drama, Kingdom (working title), are yet to be announced.


Original article by Park Pan-seok
Translated by Heewon Kim