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Winner Member Nam Tae-hyun on Hiatus

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Nam Tae-hyun

Singer Nam Tae-hyun of boy band Winner will take a temporary hiatus from the group due to struggles with mental health.

According to the singer’s agency, YG Entertainment on Wednesday, “Nam’s health issues have been slowly getting worse over the past few months. Due to these circumstances, we have also decided to delay the group’s new single release.”

The agency revealed that the group has halted their activities overseas as of a few months ago, and after consulting with the singer’s mother, all parties involved decided on Nam’s rest from the group.

“The reason we could not reveal Nam’s condition sooner was because we could not simply estimate his recovery time due to the nature of mental illness,” the agency continued. “Nam is currently taking a break in his own home away from the dorms, and is being treated with the guidance of his mother.”

The boy band recently released their mini-album “EXIT: E” in February, and was expected to make a return by the end of this year.

By Chung Jin-hong