Wild Mushroom Kills Korean Woman at a Golf Course


A 72-year-old Korean lady reportedly died after eating a wild mushroom at a golf course.

The victim, only identified by her last name Park, picked out some poisonous wild mushrooms at a local golf course. She cooked the mushrooms at her home in Bergen County, New Jersey.

After eating the mushrooms, she was quickly transported to a hospital. Although Park was released from the hospital on July 29, the poison has already been expanded to her liver. Park eventually died after suffering severe illness from the poison.

Health experts have warned that many common people misunderstand the danger of consuming wild mushrooms. They advised that the commonly spread notion that mushrooms consumed by insects are harmless is simply false, while assuming that colorful mushrooms are often poisonous is also far from the truth. The experts further added that the colors of the mushroom have nothing to do with how safe or dangerous it is.

“The symptoms after consuming poisonous mushroom can show immediately, but that’s not always the case,” said doctor Sung-won Lee. “The ones that take a while until symptoms become apparent are the most harmful. In cases like that, it often takes about six hours until the patient starts vomiting or feeling severe stomachache. Then, the pain may subside after a while, but it could still take up to a day or two for the patient to suffer serious consequences.”

By Hanseo Seo