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Why is Kiwifruit the Healthiest Fruit of All?

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Medical nutrition therapy is gaining more and more attention in the related fields. Medical nutrition therapy is an approach to treat medical conditions using diet devised by professional nutritionists. Kiwifruits are emerging in the MNT scene.

1. Kiwifruits lower blood sugar level

Even though kiwifruits contain sufficient amount of carbohydrates, consumption of kiwifruits does not raise blood sugar level, but rather lowers it. When consumed, volume of kiwifruit in the stomach increases. Increased volume of kiwifruit covers carbohydrates and thus delays the glucose intake. If you replace carbohydrates in your diet with kiwifruits, you can effectively lower the blood sugar level.

2. Two kiwifruits a day are as effective as Phyllium

Psyllium has long been known as an effective cure for constipation. According to research, daily consumption of two kiwifruits prevents constipation as effectively as Phyllium. In addition, while Phyllium requires much water along with its intake, kiwifruits don’t since they already contain much water.

Another health benefit of Phyllium is improved digestive health. This too, can be achieved with kiwifruits. Actinidin, which is the predominant enzyme in kiwifruit, aids the digestive process, promoting healthy digestive system. Prebiotic compounds in kiwifruits are another aid that improves digestive health.

3. Kiwifruits are the nutrition powerhouse of fruit

Nutrient adequacy score of kiwifruits tops other fruits, including oranges, strawberries, apples, grapes, and blueberries. With relatively lower calories, kiwifruits contain more vitamins, minerals, and fibers than many other fruits. Especially, vitamin C content of kiwifruit is 161mg per 100g, which is 3 times more than that of orange.

Original document available from www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=4209680
Translated by Heewon Kim