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Why is 25 the Best Age to Lose Weight?

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belly-2473_960_720When would be the best age to lose weight? According to a research result, 25 turns out to be the best time of life to be on a diet. It is harder to lose weight after 30. Research result shows that people attempt to be on a diet eight times in their 20s and six times in their 30s.

Generally, people in their 20s tend to succeed in losing weight for having more free time and will to spend money for their appearance. On the other hand, people – especially women – in their 30s have less free time because many are busy for child care and work. This leads to a failure to lose weight as planned.

To succeed in losing weight, it is important to care about the outer appearance. Don’t wait until you lose weight, but start investing time on improving your appearance. Also, keeping a positive attitude about your appearance helps you to lose weight faster.

Original document available from www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?page=2&branch=NEWS&source=&category=lifenleisure.health&art_id=4173333
Translated by Heewon Kim