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What It’s Like Having Your Art Displayed?

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Berendo Street Baptist Church’s Annual Mission Bazaar (by Isleen Lee)

Isleen Lee / Grade 10 / Harvard-Westlake School

The First Female Mexican President: 2024 Elections (by Eunice Minji Choi)

Eunice Minji Choi / Grade 11 / North Hollywood High School

Never-Ending Food: The Bliss of a Bottomless Stomach (by Audrey Park)

Audrey Park / Grade 11 / Northwood High School

Reuse, Reduce, or Recycle? (by Ashlyn Choi)

Ashlyn Choi / Grade 11 / Flintridge Preparatory

Tennis’s Past, Present, and Future (by Jacob Rim)

Jacob Rim / Grade 9 / West Ranch High School

What It’s Like Having Your Art Displayed? (by Sain Kim)

Sain Kim / Grade 11 / Orange County School of the Arts