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What is the most beloved soju brand?

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The Korea Daily held an online survey on ‘the most loved soju brand’ for a week from the 13th to the 20th. The results showed that users of The Korea Daily enjoy “Chum Churum” the most among Korean soju brands.

45.3% of the total 740 respondents, chose “Chum Churum”.

Second place was Chamisul, scoring was 27.3% of all respondents.

Hallasan took third place. It scored 11.5% of all respondents.

Hallasan Soju is evaluated as a remarkable achievement in that it has only been about three years since it set foot in the American market.

Among small brands, “Good Day” and “Cham” received 24 and 19 votes, respectively.

In addition, the soju that received more than 2% of the selection in this survey is “Hwayo,” which is considered a distillery liquor.

Surprisingly, there were 25 respondents who chose “others” without choosing from the 11 brands given.

The figure is equivalent to 3.4% of all respondents. This shows that every person has their own particular taste and likings when it comes to soju.