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‘Waze’ Can Help You Avoid Difficult Intersections Without Traffic Lights

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‘Waze’, which is an application that combined both navigation and social networking service, is now providing a service that alerts the driver of ‘difficult intersections’ that are without any traffic lights.

It is expected that Waze will contribute a lot to the dissolution of traffic congestion by informing its users (drivers) about difficult intersections.

An official of Waze explained that their goal is to “gradually decrease traffic jam”, and the difficult intersection alert service will start in Los Angeles in priority, and it will be provided all around the world.

Waze has been helping the drivers know the fastest route and accurately estimate the arrival time by providing a variety of shortcuts, but it also had created new congested areas because of the new information.


Original article available at http://autos.koreadaily.com/1185-2/
Translated by Audrey Joung