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Part 1 of ‘All Rise’ podcast to learn how to respond to hate crimes

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The Korea Daily, in collaboration with a specialized law firm, is launching the “All Rise” podcast, which provides legal advice on how to respond to Asian hate crimes. The podcast is designed to advocate for the safety and rights of Asians, including Koreans.

The program begins by watching videos of incidents of Asian hate crimes and discussing legal responses to those situations. In particular, the program analyzes a recent video clip of an Asian hate crime incident at a McDonald’s and discusses in-depth the steps that victims and businesses should take. The program also explores what businesses can do to keep their customers safe in the event of a hate crime incident.

You can watch the podcast videos on koreadaily.com or our YouTube channel.

We are also preparing a follow-up program based on readers’ experiences and stories. This program will provide practical help by discussing the legal process for actual cases of victimization. We will also provide pro bono legal counseling to help Korean Americans exercise their legal rights more effectively.

In an upcoming program, we’ll cover bullying in schools, legal options, and how to cooperate with schools.

To participate in the podcast or submit a tip, call 213-383-2332 or email ssohn@venerablelaw.com.