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USMA West Point SLE 2024

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Twelve Years in the Making (by Sean Kim)

Sean Kim / Grade 12 / Los Alamitos High School

Goodbye, Seniors! What’s Up, Newbies? (by Reanna Lee)

Reanna Lee / Grade 9 / North Hollywood High School

Getting A Head Start In High School (by Olivia Shin)

Olivia Shin / Grade 8 / Granada Hills Charter Middle School

USMA West Point SLE 2024 (by Eunice Minji Choi)

Eunice Minji Choi / Grade 11 / North Hollywood High School

High School and College Students from Oregon Visit Fujian, China (by Zoe Lok)

Zoe Lok / Grade 11 / Lake Oswego High School

A Morning Group Run At Redondo Beach, CA (James Lim)

James Lim / Grade 11 / Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School