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TikTok releases screen time limit option for minors

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The most popular social media platform among the Gen Z, “TikTok,” is implementing a time limit policy. The time limit will apply to the core age group of users, which is teenagers in their 10s.

TikTok announced that they will limit app usage to “60 minutes” for users under the age of 18. If the user exceeds the time limit, a message will pop up requesting the password. If parents or guardians input the password, the user will receive an additional 30 minutes of usage time. However, the feature is not mandatory, and users can choose to refuse the time limit function.

TikTok also added that if a user exceeds 100 minutes of usage time per day, they will continue to receive messages to enable the time limit feature.

According to recent surveys by the Pew Research Center, over 66% of teenagers nationwide are using TikTok.