This Beef Restaurant in Korea Serves 1.8-ft Sushi


Good things vanish fast, especially when it comes to good dishes of food. Usually, they disappear so fast that we end up wishing for a whole extra tray of them.

Well, this restaurant in Korea seems to want to grant that wish and treats its customers to a whopping 1.8-ft of sushi. Goyonam, a Korean franchise that specializes in beef, serves various Korean and Korean fusion meat dishes filled to the brim fresh, juicy beef.


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The signature item here at Goyonam is, of course, the elongated beef sushi. Instead of seafood, the restaurant uses yukhoe, which is a seasoned raw beef dish similar to steak tartare. Topping over 55 centimeters of rice from end to end, the fresh and juicy raw beef should be more than enough to satisfy your appetite.

Another popular item at the restaurant is their dolmen galbi. As its name hints, Korean beef rib is served in a primitive form — reminiscent of the meat a caveman would eat in an old animated film. Gooey cheese fried rice and yukhoe bibimbap are also worth trying.

Another perk of this restaurant is that it is franchised, which means that you can visit any of their convenient locations wherever you are — Gangnam, Hongdae, Jongno, Suwon, and Jeju, to name a few.


By Heewon Kim