The Song That Speaks for the Singles


The soundtrack for the current hottest Korean drama, “Descendants of the Sun” of a steady viewership of 30 percent, has been killing all the Korean music charts ever since it was on 16392501402_7479e40b05_oair. It is not uncommon to go to restaurants and cafes in the Los Angeles Koreatown and find out that the soundtracks are repeated in the playlists.

Spring is often recognized as a romantic season for many Koreans who plan things to do with their loved ones when spring approaches. When spring time comes every year, many artists release albums that have sweet and light melodies that are perfect to listen to with your darlings while walking in flower fields and lying on the grass at the park.

The group 10cm released a 15 second teaser for their new song which hinted at the lovely melody and the title “I Like Spring” and aroused curiosity. However, the next day on April 1st, it was found out that it was a little April Fool’s joke, and the song title was actually “Do you like Spring?” Playing the opposite of the expected lovely spring-themed songs that are released during this time of the year, the song lyrics expresses the envy or perhaps anger at the couples who are enjoying spring. The anger is expressed by lyrics such as: “is spring that lovely for you stupids?”; “are cherry blossoms that pretty for you fools?”; “don’t hold hands, don’t link arms, don’t hug, don’t do anything”; “I wish you get dumped”; “flower petals eventually fall, and you will too.” This song with funny lyrics has enticed people who perhaps are single and strongly relate to the expressed emotions.This song passed all the soundtrack for the “Descendants of the Sun” and was marked as number one on most music charts such as Melon, Genie, Naver music, Mnet, Bugs and Soribada.


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Edited by Sooahn Ko