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The Largest Coffee Shop in the World!

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Harmony of Musicians: An Unbreakable Bond (by Hannelle Yang)

Hannelle Yang / Grade 10 / Campbell Hall

KCPC Korean School Is Now Open! (by Minjoo Kim)

Minjoo Kim / Grade 10 / Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology

The Largest Coffee Shop in the World! (by Hajoon Song)

Hajoon Song / Grade 10 / International School of Beijing

Gyeongseong Creature: It’s More Than a Monstrous Thriller (by Alison Hwang)

Alison Hwang / Grade 11 / Crean Lutheran High School

The Profound Study Culture of Irvine (by Audrey Park)

Audrey Park / Grade 10 / Northwood High School

Vrej Agajanian – Candidate for City Council (by Reena Jeong)

Reena Jeong / Grade 12 / Crescenta Valley High School