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The Korea Daily is selecting Kimbo Scholars of 2023

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Happy Village and The Korea Daily are pleased to announce the selection of the 2023 Kimbo Scholars, sponsored by the Kimbo Scholarship Foundation. Now in its 36th year, the Kimbo Scholars is the largest scholarship program for Korean American students in the United States.

Since 2008, The Korea Daily has expanded the program to across the counrty, selecting scholars through all its branches in the United States.

This year, 215 scholarships of $2,000 will be awarded to each student, totaling $430,000, and scholars will be selected not only from the Korean-American community but also from Black and Latino communities.

The number of scholars selected will be 110 in LA, 20 in New York, 20 in San Francisco, 15 in Washington DC, 25 in Atlanta, 10 in Chicago, and 5 in Denver, with five of each from the Black and Hispanic communities.

Eligibility: College-bound students (12th graders) and current college students (including two-year community colleges) in the class of 2023.

Documents to be submitted: an application form, a cover letter, a  GPA transcript (original), a copy of the guardians’ 2022 tax return, a list of community service activities and awards, and a letter of recommendation (professor, teacher, social organization leader, volunteer organization leader).

*For current high school graduates, attach a college admission letter.

Application: Distributed by The Korea Daily; sent upon request by email to happyvillage@koreadaily.com. Downloadable from Kimbo Scholarship Foundation (www.kimbofoundation.org) or Happy Village (www.myhappyvillage.org) website.

Application Deadline: Friday, June 30, 2023

Announcement of scholarship recipients: Friday, July 21, 2023 on The Korea Daily newspaper and website.

Application and Inquiries: Happy Village, 690 Wilshire Place LA, CA 90005, Tel: (213)368-2630, Email: happyvillage@koreadaily.com

▶Organized by: Happy Village

▶Organized by: Kimbo Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo

▶Sponsored by: Albert Soohan Kim Foundation, J&S Song Foundation