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The Climax of Spirit Week: A Grand Assembly

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How Helping Others Can Help You (by Chloe Je)

Chloe Je / Grade 8 / Sierra Vista Middle School

Teachers Rushing Units Before Spring Break (by Zoe Lok)

Zoe Lok / Grade 11 / Lake Oswego High School

Western Reserve Academies Vatican Performance (by Christine Baek)

Christine Baek / Grade 10 / Western Reserve Academy

The Climax of Spirit Week: A Grand Assembly (by Claire Lee)

Claire Lee / Grade 10 / La Canada High School

LA Marathon: A Battle Worth Taking (by Aidan Bang)

Aidan Bang / Grade 11 / John Marshall High School

Disneyland is Expanding!? (by Sain Kim)

Sain Kim / Grade 11 / Orange County School of the Arts