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28 Korean nationals return to Korea from Sudan

Korean nationals who were evacuated from war-torn Sudan arrived safely back in Korea on Tuesday afternoon. A KC-330 military tanker transport aircraft that took off...

Korean political drama ‘Queenmaker’ was most watched non-English show on Netflix

Netflix original series “Queenmaker” (2023) was the most-watched non-English TV show on Netflix for the week of April 10, according to the global streaming...

The world’s second-largest Ferris wheel will be built in Seoul

The world’s second-largest Ferris wheel will be built on a hilltop park in western Seoul by late 2027, offering a panoramic view of the...

Watch: Stories of Three Korean College Students Studying Abroad

Currently, there are more than 200,000 Korean college students studying abroad. Oftentimes, experiencing life in an unfamiliar country can expand a student's mindset and...

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