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Spy agency says hard living is taking a toll on North Korean leader’s health

South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS) told a parliamentary committee that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un suffers from multiple health problems tied to his...

NIS chief confirms North Korean leader has three kids

South Korea's intelligence agency confirmed that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has three children. “We are certain that Kim Jong-un's oldest child is a son,”...

Three individuals accused of working with North Korean agents

Three South Koreans affiliated with the minor Progressive Party and a farmers' group in Jeju are under investigation for allegedly establishing an underground network...

Former NIS chief, ex-defense minister indicted for deleting evidence in fisheries case

Prosecutors indicted without detention Thursday former National Intelligence Service (NIS) chief Park Ji-won, former Defense Minister Suh Wook, and a former NIS staffer for...

After Korea, 7 workers joined ISIS

Seven foreigners who worked in Korea joined the Islamic State or ISIS following their sojourns in Korea, the country’s main spy agency said Wednesday,...

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