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NCT Dream

NCT Dream bodyguard may be prosecuted after pushing fan

Prosecutors are reviewing whether or not to press charges against a bodyguard for boy band NCT Dream after he pushed a fan, which resulted...

Blackpink’s ‘Born Pink’ returns to Billboard 200 after three weeks

K-pop group Blackpink’s second studio album “Born Pink” returned to the Billboard main album chart Billboard 200 after three weeks. “Born Pink” was pushed out...

Girl groups get the ears, boy bands the dollars

Girl groups listened to the most but boy bands sold more albums, end-of-the-year data from K-pop market tracker Circle Chart revealed Friday. Starting with sales,...

NCT Dream rescheduling is well and good, but what about Red Velvet?

The rescheduling of boy band NCT Dream’s concert has sparked an outcry for equal treatment of all artists — in this case, girl group...

5 Best Collaborations at 2016 KBS Song Festival

As the year's end is nearing, K-pop fans all around the world look forward to special year-end events - song festivals and music awards...

50 K-pop Idol Group Members to Collaborate on the Stage of KBS Song Festival

50 rising stars are to present a special collaboration on the stage of KBS Song Festival. KBS Song Festival, which is to take place on...

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