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Naver Webtoon

Naver Webtoonk, Discord collaborate for ‘Wumpus Wonderventures’

Naver Webtoon announced numerous collaborations with game-oriented social platform Discord, including an original webtoon series “Wumpus Wonderventures” that features Discord’s official mascot Wumpus, the...

Naver Webtoon aims to go public in U.S. as early as 2025

Naver Webtoon is planning to go public in the U.S. stock market as early as 2025, according to its CEO Kim Jun-koo on Tuesday. At...

Hit Naver Webtoon ‘Lookism’ adapted into Netflix original animated series

The hit Naver Webtoon “Lookism” has been adapted into a Netflix original animated series and will be available for streaming worldwide from today. According to...

[WEBTOONS REIMAGINED] Unique wrap-up of ‘Yumi’s Cells’ Season 2 leaves viewers wanting more

Tving original series “Yumi’s Cells” (2021-22), which wrapped up on July 22, was a first in many ways for the local TV industry and had,...

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