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WCKNC starts to receive complaints from Koreatown residents via KakaoTalk

  Korean Americans in Koreatown now have the convenience of reporting complaints, big or small, through KakaoTalk. KakaoTalk, predominantly used by Koreans and Korean Americans, is...

Right to disconnect: reexamination of after-hours work

The right to disconnect from work is a rising concern among employees wanting to separate work from their personal time, which has prompted some...

Kakao service crash puts crack in company’s dominance as users branch out

After Kakao’s services crashed over the weekend, its messenger users are broadening their horizons and completely switching to or signing up for additional message...

Kakao buys Loen and its MelOn music service

Kakao announced Monday it bought a controlling share of Loen Entertainment, operator of Korea’s top digital music streaming-download service MelOn, for 1.87 trillion won...

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