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hate crime

Cynthia Choi from Stop AAPI Hate claims “Anti-Asian remarks by politicians add fuel to the fire”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Asians in the United States have had to deal with anxiety and fear irrelevant to the virus. Chinese (43%) and...

Los Angeles hate crimes at its highest

Last year, the number of hate crime cases in LA City hit a new record of 692, the highest ever. Statistics and analysis media "Crosstown"...

Gun purchases by Asian consumers are soaring

The number of Asian people purchasing guns is increasing. As hate crimes and shootings occur more and more everyday, the number of gun purchases for...

Korean student in Germany assaulted by two men in apparent hate crime

A Korean student studying in Germany was assaulted by two men in an apparent Asian hate crime. The two men made racist comments to the...

Man Arrested in Koreatown for Brutally Attacking 24-Year-Old Woman with Hammer

A Korean man has been arrested in Los Angeles Koreatown for attacking a woman. He brutally attacked the woman with a hammer, allegedly without...

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