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H-Mart coming soon to Las Vegas

H-Mart, the largest Asian supermarket, is preparing to open a new store in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas branch, H-Mart's first in Nevada, will be...

The first Korean strawberry grows in the U.S.

  For the past three years, he has lived on the ground. When everything was uncertain in the unprecedented world, he believed that only the...

Major Consumers in Koreatown Are No Longer Koreans

  The keyword of Korean retail industry is "The K-wave in business." People’s favorite Korean places - restaurants, markets, retail stores - are no longer limited...

Nostalgic Korean Snacks Winning Hearts of Consumers

South Korean snack foods have become one of the largest growing imports from its country over the last decade. In the last 10 years,...

Korean Commercial Sphere in Torrance is Back to Life

Korean commercial sphere in Torrance is becoming active. Despite the relatively large size of Korean/Korean American population in the area, commercial sphere has been rather...

A Day Spent at Madang Mall – Explore Koreatown in a Day, at One Spot

If you're a first-timer to Los Angeles Koreatown, you may have no idea where to start with among so many options for food and...

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